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CFS 2021 Private Sector Engagement

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 did not see an official CFS session. Instead, 2021 saw an extraordinary year for CFS with three official sessions occurring in February, June, and October. The Private Sector Mechanism was able to virtually take part in all three sessions through interventions and side events.

8 – 11 February 2021

A delegation of 60 business leaders and participants registered from 29 countries.

Endorsement of the Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition happened at CFS47. The final guidelines are The content of the guidelines reflects a more balanced output, recognizing a scientific and evidence-based, a stronger policy coherence, and a clear acknowledgment that all sectors and actors have an important role to play, including the Private Sector.

In the eight Plenary sessions, PSM was able to make interventions. In addition, PSM members posted comments and links/references to PSM position papers and posed questions to panelists.

PSM members, led by Solutions from the Land, Global Dairy Platform, and Global Farmer Network organized a Side Event with the participation of 131 people Agricultural Solutions: Forging Consensus Linked Food Security, Nutrition, Health, and Climate Challenges’, in partnership with Argentina, Australia, Netherlands, and USA. Lessons from the farm level were shared by farmers from Zimbabwe, Argentina, Ireland, and the US that exemplified a range of practical and innovative approaches for sustainable farming practices and how farmers were constantly seeking improvements to improve levels of sustainable production and family farm livelihoods. An online poll sought participants’ reactions that complimented the Q&A session that itself explored other approaches.

PSM was also able to put forward speakers in two additional side events. Mr. Hem Mulders of Rabobank and Mr. Andrew Rzepa of GALLUP ably represented the private sector at the events on Ensuring the human right to adequate food for sustainable food systems and Data for Food Security, respectively.

4 June 2021

A delegation of 39 business leaders and participants registered from 17 countries.

Endorsement of the Policy Recommendations on Agroecological and other Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems that enhance Food Security and Nutrition was given by CFS members at CFS 48 on 4 June in the morning session. In their statements, PSM representatives noted that the private sector is already implementing many of the various approaches, including agroecology, throughout the entire agri-food chain and highlighted the many supportive approaches, techniques, and strategies available to improve production, enhance resilience and reduce/sequester GHGs.

In the Plenary session, PSM was able to make an intervention by IAFN/PSM Chair Mr. Rick White. In addition, PSM members posted comments and links/references to PSM position papers and posed questions to Panellists during side events.

PSM co-sponsored a side event entitled “By the Numbers – Capturing the Private Sector Contribution to the SDGs.” The event had over 200 participants. There was a rich discussion from the panel of speakers that identified the current challenges posed and potential channels for future collaboration. Participants shared ideas on how to incentivize greater private sector participation and current benchmarking activities.

11 – 14 October 2021

A delegation of 70 business leaders and participants registered from 24 countries.

Language on farmers, fishers, and entrepreneurship was included in the youth discussion to enlarge the discussion from waged-employment alone.

In the 8 Plenary sessions, PSM was able to make interventions and pose questions to Panellists. In addition, PSM members posted comments and links or references to PSM position papers and relevant activities.