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MYPoW (CFS Multi-Year Programme of Work)


The CFS Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPoW) 2024-2027 – endorsed at CFS 51 in October 2023 – includes a workstream that focuses on the promotion of actions to increase awareness, ownership and use of CFS policy outcomes.

The workstream is intended to foster an in-depth debate on enhanced efforts by CFS stakeholders on how to increase its impact, promote the dissemination, ownership, use and uptake of all CFS policy agreements, leading to increased awareness, policy coherence and coordination at all levels.

The workstream is expected to lead to the preparation of an Action Plan that will be presented for consideration and endorsement by the Committee at its 52nd Plenary Session in October 2024. The Action Plan will identify areas of work where improvements are required, recommend relevant follow-up actions and outline roles and responsibilities of the different CFS stakeholders.

Member States nominated Dr Josyline Javelosa, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Philippines to UN Rome-based Agencies as the Rapporteur for the workstream.

A first open meeting took place on Monday, 18 December, 2023, to discuss the expected outcomes of the workstream, share expectations and identify areas that should be addressed.