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WEBINAR: Marketing nutrition to the base of the pyramid

Nutritious products have been notoriously hard to sell commercially to low-income people. But the sector is making progress, with new customer insights and new models emerging. The importance of demand creation, targeted, effective marketing and innovative distribution mechanisms is particularly critical for such models to scale their impact.

This series of webinars will cover key aspects in marketing and distribution of nutritious products to base of the pyramid markets. The discussion will focus mostly on marketing nutritious products targeting infant and young children, though most of the lessons learnt apply to other nutritious foods (or even more widely to other beneficial consumer goods). It will share practical insight gathered from extensive research of models in this space by Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and consulting firm Hystra.


Marti van Liere, Director Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition at GAIN, who is passionate about consumer-centred behavior change communication and demand creation.

Lucie Klarsfeld McGrath, Senior Project Manager at Hystra who was lead author of the Marketing Nutrition to the BoP report.

Facilitator: Caroline Ashley, Founding Editor, The Practitioner Hub for Inclusive Business

Register and learn more on their website. 


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