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Update on Codex 

Building on the momentum generated during last year’s 60th anniversary of Codex Alimentarius, the Coalition for an Enhanced Codex is pleased to continue to support actions and processes in 2024 that will highlight Codex and contribute to efforts to ensure Codex is set to deliver on its mandate:

Protecting consumer health, Ensuring fair practices in food trade, Enabling food safety, Leading to better nutrition, Less food waste, and More food security. 

To that end, the Coalition met with key members of the Codex Secretariat and Food Safety division, including FAO Food Systems and Food Safety Director, Corinna Hawkes and Senior Food Safety Officer, Markus Lipp to discuss how to best support Codex.

Last month, Coalition members also responded to the request for comments from the Codex Secretariat, Codex Alimentarius Commission, and Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme by providing input on the 1st Draft of the Codex Strategic Plan 2026-2031: vision; mission; core values; drivers for change; the role of Codex; and Codex ways of working.  The group will continue to engage on the Codex Strategic Plan towards the achievement of its goals and objectives.   

We look forward to continuing our engagement with Codex Chair, Vice-Chairs, Secretariat, Members, and stakeholders along the following 2024 timeline and leading up to the 46th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Geneva on 25-29 November.  


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