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Rural women: striving for gender transformative impacts

Final days to participate in e-Consultation on Rural women: striving for gender transformative impacts

The FAO’s FSN Forum is running an e-consultation on Rural Women that is meant to feed into the agenda for the Commission on the Status of Women that will take place in March 2018 at the United Nations in New York. CSW is an important venue to address the challenges and opportunities faced by rural women and girls. The e-consultation is inviting all stakeholders to provide answers and share case-studies on this topic.

This online discussion, led by FAO with IFAD, UN Women and WFP, invites you to reflect on the current understanding of gender dynamics of rural livelihoods and share information, views and experiences in preparation for CSW62. The main objective is to highlight critical gaps and priority areas for action on how to accelerate gender transformative impacts for rural women. The discussion will focus on three principal questions, presented below, over the next three weeks.  

Anyone interested is welcome to participate. There are 2 modalities: 1) either you sign up to the FSN Forum and become a member of the network and receive regular updates on activities going on or 2) you simply send comments via email to and the moderator will post it in your name.

All comments are available on the website and in the proceedings document. FSN Forum will prepare a summary at the end of the discussion which will feed into the preparations of the CSW 62.

Clare Bishop-Sambrook will facilitate the discussion by sending regular feedback on the comments received.

Deadline is August 8, 2017. 


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