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PSM Position Paper on Conflict of Interest at CFS now available online

The CFS was reformed in the aftermath of the 2007/8 food crisis to become an inclusive body bringing all actors involved in food security and nutrition together in one forum. CFS is also the foremost platform in the complex UN system to discuss all issues relevant to food and nutrition security with the aim to achieve policy convergence. CFS is meant to capture many divergent interests and to attempt to create consensus and provide science-based policy recommendations to serve Member States around the world. Every party involved in the CFS has a vested interest, responsibility and mandate to work collectively to bring about positive change in the lives of the most vulnerable to end hunger and malnutrition. 

Since all parties at CFS are working on food security, nutrition and agriculture, all parties innately have interests. The cases where those interests intersect with fiduciary relationships and proposed funding should be the focus of conflicts of interest measures. Such potential cases may exist among any actor of CFS. 

Read the PSM recommendations here:


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