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PSM Member Dr Greg Miller Appointed on HLPE team on Nutrition and Food Systems

The HLPE Steering Committee has reviewed the 139 candidatures that have participated to the open call to participate to the Project Team on Nutrition and food systems and is now pleased to inform on the outcome of the selection process.

The HLPE Steering Committee announces the appointment of the following 10 experts to carry out the study on Nutrition and Food Systems, that will feed into the CFS debates at its 44th session in 2017:

  • Jessica Fanzo (Team Leader, United States of America)
  • Mandana Arabi (Iran)
  • Barbara Burlingame (New Zealand)
  • Lawrence Haddad (United Kingdom)
  • Simon Kimenju (Kenya)
  • Gregory Miller (United States of America)
  • Fengying Nie (China)
  • Elisabetta Recine (Brazil)
  • Lluís Serra-Majem (Spain)
  • Dipa Sinha (India)

Dr. Gregory Miller is Chief Science Officer and executive vice president, research, regulatory and scientific affairs for National Dairy Council (NDC)/Dairy Management Inc. Dr. Miller also serves as the Nutritional Security Lead for the Global Dairy Platform. In addition he is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the department of food science and nutrition at the University of Illinois. 

He is a member of the PSM Working Group on Nutrition. 

Short bios / expert profiles of the members can be downloaded here!

For more information, click here.


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