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Nominations for PSM Focal Point Now Open

Every two years, the Private Sector Mechanism elects its focal point. Currently, this role is being filled by the International Agri-Food Network (IAFN). The next election is at the annual meeting on June 25 in Rome. Organisations that wish to be nominated to serve as focal point for the Private Sector Mechanism should submit their names by April 15, 2019. 

These nominations can be submitted to Robynne Anderson at

The PSM Modalities state that, “To facilitate efficiency and co-ordination, a nominee from the focal point will be appointed to the Advisory Group for a period of two years. The focal point will inform the Bureau of that nominee. One alternate will be designated.  

Key selection criteria include: 

  • Ability to participate regularly in Advisory Group meetings in person or via teleconference and video conferencing facilities
  • Demonstrable commitment to the CFS
  • Ability to network with a broad range of constituencies, organizations, networks and sectors
  • Communication and networking skills
  • The overall balance of the Advisory Group seats should reflect the principle of gender balance and the priority given to constituencies representing the agri-food sector.  

28. The essential tasks of the private sector Advisory Group member will be to share information and to present the range of views of the private sector, with an emphasis on any common positions that the private sector may have developed.  

29. The focal point will aim for the maximum possible participation and the most useful points of participation in the Bureau and the overall CFS process. The Advisory Group will respect the organizing principles of the private sector, in line with the CFS: 2009/2 Rev. 2, para 17 [].” 

The below timeline will be used to manage the 2019 focal point election process:  

  • January – April 15, 2019: Call for nominations open
  • April 15, 2019: Close of the open call 
  • April 30, 2019: Communicate the list of candidates to all members
  • June 25, 2019: Vote during PSM AGM in-person in Rome. 

The current focal point is the International Agri-Food Network (IAFN).  


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