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Launch of “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” case studies and animated video by Farming First and GACSA

More than a billion farmers and their families around the world are on the front line of climate change. Their lives and livelihoods are directly affected by its impacts, but they are also vital to implementing many of the solutions we need to help prevent it. But what exactly is “climate-smart agriculture”, and how is it working around the world?

Explore the “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” series, by Farming First and GASCA, with 28 case studies and a new animated video here.

Farming First supporters and members of the Global Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA) have come together to share their stories of success. Explore 28 brand new case studies from all over the world, in which farmers are learning to grow more food, become more resilient to a changing climate and minimise their own agricultural emissions.

Learn what “Climate-Smart Agriculture” can really mean for people and the planet, with our brand new animated video:

Here are four easy ways that you can help promote this brand new content:

1. Write a blog post (or let us write one for your blog)

Use some of the case studies from “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” to promote the approaches that are important to your organisation.  If you would rather have Farming First write a blog post instead for your blog, just let us know by emailing  

2. Promote the stories via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest

Please use some of the sample Tweets and Facebook/LinkedIn posts (below) to promote “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” from the account(s) you manage. Or simply post it on your Pinterest account.

3. Include the stories in your next e-newsletter

If your organisation sends out e-newsletters to your mailing lists, you could include a link to “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” and outline how your organisation is working to implement CSA practices.

4. Link to “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” from your website

You can use one of the photographs as a button on your website and hyperlink the visual back to the “Climate-Smart Agriculture in Action” page on the Farming First website.

We hope you will be able to join us in promoting the many benefits that climate-smart agriculture can have for promoting food security, building resilience and protecting the planet.


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