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IAFN Asia: Statement of Purpose

The IAFN Asia Chapter was established to mirror and expand the IAFN’s work in the Asia-Pacific region. It aims to be the platform for international trade associations and companies involved in the agri-food sector in Asia to engage with multilateral and international tri-sector initiatives.


  • To bring a stronger, more coherent Private Sector voice to regional multilateral forumsrelevant to issues affecting the food and agriculture industries, including but not limited to food security, nutrition and sustainable agricultural practices
  • To foster alignment and coordination among the food industry players on policy issues and external representation
  • To highlight and engage on issues that are particularly relevant to Asia, including expanding market access to small holder farmers

Policy Priorities:

In addition to the five key principles defined by the IAFN:

  1. Make agriculture an engine for development
  2. Support entrepreneurship and private enterprise
  3. Establish a conducive operating environment to add value to agriculture
  4. Further research, development, and extension services
  5. Capture the power of partnerships

IAFN Asia will also:

  1. Support science-based policy and regulation
  2. Work to ensure impact to smallholder farmers and small-scale businesses across the value chain.

IAFN Asia is pleased to welcome new Chair David Yeh. Any industry association or companies operating in the Asia region who would like to join the network, kindly contact


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