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Health for Animals 2023 Progress Report

As 2023 comes to a close, we are thrilled to see the progress reports from IAFN and PSM members coming through. Health for Animals is the voice of the animal health industry and an advocate for the fundamental role of healthy animals in improving global well-being, sustainability, and prosperity. They recently released two reports showcasing their work in 2023 to work towards achieving Agenda 2023.

The Roadmap includes 25 measurable actions the sector pledged to complete by 2025. This 2nd Roadmap report shows that the animal sector remains on track to meet that commitment, and in some cases is ahead of their projected targets.

  • PSM – Roadmap to Reducing the Need for Antibiotics – Progress Report 2023

    December 7, 2023 5 MB Sustainable Development Goals

    In 2019, HealthforAnimals published the ‘Roadmap to Reducing the Need for Antibiotics’, a strategy for addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and improving responsible use. It was signed by the world’s largest animal health companies and demonstrated a unified approach to a global challenge. The Roadmap included 25 measurable actions the sector pledged to complete by 2025. This year, we are publishing our 2nd Roadmap Progress Report showing that the animal health sector remains on track to meet our commitments by 2025. In fact, many actions are well ahead of schedule.


The second report outlines the ongoing work within the animal sector to support responsible use and manage antimicrobial resistance.

  • PSM – Animal Health and Antimicrobial Resistance – A Livestock Data Analysis – 2023

    December 7, 2023 589 KB Livestock Sustainable Development Goals

    Antibiotics are a cornerstone of modern medicine. However, unnecessary use can lead to ‘resistant’ bacterial infections where antibiotics may no longer work. It is a challenge that cuts across human, environmental and animal health and requires action in all domains. While the animal health sector has worked for many years to support responsible use and manage antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the United Nations acted in 2016 by issuing a ‘Declaration’ signed by 193 countries that committed the world to jointly act. This built greater momentum for collective action in animal health, including increasing use of vaccines and diagnostics, improving cooperation across the value chain, and better optimizing antibiotic use.


Both of these reports were originally published on the Health for Animals website.


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