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My Success Story after the FAO Mentorship Program

The guidance I received from my Mentor matched very well with the mandatory FAO courses we were assigned. 

I will always remember her words “Knowing of the Unknown”. For all the challenges I presented to her she gave me assignment of providing her with data/information from the field on why/ and what needs to be done. The courses centered on the same; participatory data collection, knowing the service users before introducing it, supply continuity and repair if required and similar analysis before implementation. 

The way I look at things around has completely changed. I see areas on my work where we made mistakes, areas to be re-worked, for instance in improving milk production among our stakeholder milk producer communities, areas of concentration has mostly been to improve animal breeds and feeds, while water which is a critical concern in food system has not been given its right positioning in the prioritization of critical inputs in milk production, and hence a critical requirement during planning and operations. This is going to become an agenda in our training to farmers.

The program was very unique and eye opening. I see a big room for improvement, for efficient resource utilization and for nature conservation. 

My sincere appreciations to all who designed the program and those who made it possible for me to participate.

Feddy P. Tesha

Managing Director and Shareholder,

Profate Investments Limited,



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