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CFS Takeaways from a Young Mexican Dairy Farmer

Gina Gutiérrez, Member of the Global Farmer Network and La Vida Láctea  

CFS 44 was my first time attending an event at the FAO in Rome. I didn’t know what to expect of it, but being there was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had, for several reasons:

  • Networking and meeting incredible people who care about producing food to feed the world.
  • Having the opportunity to give my opinion and have people actually listen to what I have to say.
  • Getting to learn about many different projects and programmes that aim to achieve the SDGs.

At CFS 44, I had the chance to meet a lot of amazing people, including the Private Sector Mechanism secretariat, which is doing an incredible job at gathering and representing farmers and business. I was so glad to meet in person those with whom I had the chance to work with during World Milk Day as well. As a dairy farmer, I was pleased to meet people who take action for improving the dairy sector worldwide, and as an advocate for dairy and farming, it is very useful for me to have more contacts and resources to help me keep going. I also had the chance to meet and talk with the current CFS Chair, the incoming CFS Chair, and the Mexican ambassador and her team. 

I discussed joining the Global Dairy Platform with PSM chair Donald Moore, and I have already made contact with the CEO and board of my cooperative, Alpura, and also the Mexican Dairy Federation, so we can start working on it. I also met Katarina Eriksson from Tetra Laval Food for Development, who has offered her company’s support for my cooperative to set up our Foundation, which is already in development, to create a better school milk programme for my country. She has also introduced me to the Food for Development Latin America representative.

During CFS 44, there were a lot of opportunities to create new partnerships, and that is one of the most important experiences I had. One of the most incredible things about CFS 44 was the High Level Dinner, where we all had the chance to come together in a more informal environment, but with a very formal purpose. I think that having a specific theme is a very smart way for all of us to give our opinions and listen to others; I was amazed to see that we all think alike and are able to reach a goal from a common belief. I enjoyed having the opportunity to sit at such a great table, which included the CFS Chair H.E. Amira Gornass. I am also honored I had the chance to speak in plenary during the session on Women’s Empowerment on behalf of the PSM. 

The most important thing I took with me was learning more about Agenda 2030, the SDGs and the specific goals for each of them, because now I can be more active in my country and promote these initiatives.  


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