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92% of businesses are aware of the SDGs, says new report by PwC

Governments have agreed new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve, but how ready is business to help them achieve them? What’s their intention and their vision? Will they be business as usual or business critical? ? A new report by PwC looks at how business is ready to support governments achieve these global goals.

In an ideal world, every business would know how their activities and the consequences of them (even the unforeseen elements), map across to the SDGs. Their operations would have identified, valued and be measuring how they contribute to each global goal, monitoring their impact, and implementing new ideas to effect improvement. SDG impact awareness wouldn’t be confined to a specific showcase project, but be embedded in a new way of working that prioritises the impact on global goals alongside its business objectives.

PwC surveyed business (and citizens) to get their perspective on awareness and plans for the launch of the SDGs.

Results at a glance:

  • 92% of businesses are aware of SDG goals versus public awareness is 33%.
  • Government is seen as having prime responsibility to achieve the SDGs by business and citizens alike (49% of business responders and 44% of citizens ranked government first)
  • Businesses have started to take action: 71% of businesses are planning how they will respond to SDGs, 13% have already identified the tools they need to respond to SDGs.
  • Only 29% of businesses are 29% setting goals, but what gets measured gets managed, what’s in an objective gets done.
  • 90% of citizens believe it is important that business signs up to the SDGs of citizens said they were 78% more likely to buy the goods and services of companies that had signed up to the SDGs

Read the Full Report (PDF).


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