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2015 GAP Report: Building Sustainable Breadbaskets

Along with the release of the sixth annual Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report), Global Harvest Inititiative invited experts in agriculture, conservation, food security, and nutrition to contribute to a special Harvest 2050 blog series. The series will run from October to December 2015. 

This week, Harvest 2050 has shared three stories of how enterprising African farmers are reducing postharvest losses, developing value chains for fruits, vegetables and livestock, and improving their livelihoods and nutrition. Click on the links below to read the articles.

Reducing Postharvest Losses and Malnutrition
By Roberta Lauretti-Bernard
Senior Technical Advisor
GAIN-Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition

Enterprising Zambian Farmers Are Growing Lasting Solutions to Hunger
By Laurie Kaniarz
Foods Resource Bank

Study: Livestock Program Breaks the Cycle of Hunger in Zambia’s Copperbelt
By Kashi Kafle and Alex Winter-Nelson
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaignn


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