Position Papers

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Statement by the PSM on Responsible Agricultural Investment made during FAO Regional Conferences

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Statement by JB Cordaro of Mars Inc. The question of securing food availability for people living in protracted crises is a great humanitarian concern that is often over-shadowed by the immediacy of emerging conflicts or disasters.  

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Statement by the Private Sector Mechanism on the Occasion of the CFS, November 19, 2014, International Conference on Nutrition 2

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Investing in Smallholder Agriculture for Food Security and Nutrition. The food security agenda should focus on agriculture and empowering smallholder farmers to be successful food producers. It is the backbone of the economy in many developing countries and farmers represent a disproportionate part of the world’s poor and hungry. 

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Principles with regards to expected impacts of agricultural investments


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The MDGs placed poverty and hunger at the top of the list. As we discuss the Post 2015 agenda, we must not forget the primacy of those goals. They are not met and part of that is due to the failure to focus adequately on agriculture and rural development in the early years of the MDGs. Unfortunately it took a food crisis to remind the world that agricultural productivity and food availability need to be high priorities.

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Agriculture generally, and farmers especially, are vital to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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The intricate links in the food chain – from the supply of agricultural raw materials to the production of food and its distribution – are of primary concern to the International AgriFood Network and all associated businesses involved in feeding the world.

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Discussion paper contributed by the International Agri-Food Network (IAFN) to the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development 8th Session, New York

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