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Join the Global Competition to Beat Biofouling

This article was originally posted by World Ocean Council

Biofouling is a global, multi-industry problem that is a major contributor to biodiversity loss and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s going to take real innovation to solve biofouling at scale. 

As the lead ocean industry partner of the GloFouling Partnership Project, the World Ocean Council is partnering with The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) to launch a global competition for innovative solutions to biofouling – with a focus on non-shipping industries (e.g., aquaculture, fisheries, offshore energy, coastal construction, dredging). 

There are 3 award categories:

  • Environmentally friendly coating solutions, specifically alternatives to plastic/hazardous materials
  • Cleaning solutions, especially circular handling of biomass
  • Monitoring of biofouling, including technologies/systems to track and measure solutions

Ideally, solutions are fit for complex installations/infrastructure, can be scaled up, or have cross-over usability. 

Applications will be accepted 6 April through 30 July. To apply, register on TOOL’s matchmaking platform TOOL Spawn, go to the Opportunities section, and apply in one of the 3 categories listed. 


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