The Private Sector Mechanism (PSM) is an open platform for providing a permanent seat for for-profit enterprises, and their associations, right across the value chain at the UN Committee on Food Security. From farmers to input providers, cooperatives, processors, small-medium enterprises, food companies, and more, we welcome all those involved in addressing agriculture and food security.

As every year, the PSM will conduct four quarterly calls in January, March, September, and December, for which members will receive invitations. In addition, we will be hosting a virtual Annual General Meeting which will include a series of bilateral meetings surrounding the June date.

We would be delighted to have robust support and engagement of businesses at the CFS. The mechanism is dependent on donations for continuing operations. We welcome funding from members of the Private Sector Mechanism on a voluntary basis.

If you want to be part of the private sector consultations on the work of the Committee on World Food Security, just send us your details: name, association/company, address, phone and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. IAFN and PSM members may make voluntary contributions to support PSM activities. The following membership levels and services are proposed to all PSM members.

Updated membership information for 2022 is available here:

pdf PSM Membership and Sponsorship 2022 (172 KB)

PSM Membership

Supporting Members – €12,000

  • Committee engagement and special briefings
  • 4 meetings per year (AGM in person and three teleconference calls)
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Ongoing analytical support and tracking on CFS issues
  • Access to special events
  • High-Level Dinner/Dialogue tickets (up to 6 people from your organization)
  • Participation in Governing Council of PSM
  • Attendance at bilateral meetings with country missions
  • Input into reviews and approval of strategic priorities, work plan and proposed budget, resolution of challenges

Contributors – €2,500

  • Committee engagement and special briefings 
  • 4 meetings per year (AGM and three teleconference calls)
  • Monthly newletters
  • Attendance at bilateral meetings with country missions organized for supporting members
  • High Level Dinner/Dialogue participants (up to 2 people from your organization)

Non-Paying Members

  • Committee engagement 
  • AGM - 1 meeting per year
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Participation in the PSM delegation at plenary or other CFS events NOTE: Participation at the High Level Dinner/Dialogue is not included 

Special Programming
In subjects where the workload is high, committees may agree on a special assessment to conduct work and set up a working steering council to manage the workload.

Sponsorship Options

Members are also able to sponsor the following special events throughout the year:

  • High Level Dinner on Data ($65,000/€57,000)
  • Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Event ($30,000/€ 25,000)
  • Youth Summit ($30,000/€ 25,000)
  • Sponsorship of participation for farmers, SMEs and youth in agriculture (flexible)
  • Networking events during Annual General Meeting (€5,000)
  • Networking event at launch of the CFS delegation (€2,500)
  • Coffee breaks in the PSM delegation room (€2,500) (IF IN-PERSON)
  • Support for youth engagement networking event (€3,500)


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