CFS 46 Side Event

Youth for World Food Day: Feeding the World by Investing in the Future

Tuesday, October 15, 18:00 to 19:30
Green Room, FAO


Angélica Jácome, Senior Adviser to the Director-General, Office of the Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Dr. H.E Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen, The Netherlands
Berry Marttin, Rabobank

Youth Panel
Kla Ydrea, Sayuranch, Indonesia
Cassandra Hayward, Co-Founder of Agrikua, Canada
Ollavo Queroz Tinôco, Nuffield Scholar, Brazil
Mashiri Zwarimwa, Agri-Business and Digital Innovation Expert, South Africa
Mario Gonzales, Youth-Ag Summit Delegate, Spain
Xander Beks, Youth Network for Zero Hunger, i4Nature

Main Themes 

In an ever faster-changing world, it is more important than ever to tap into the ideas of young people to take on the challenges that would keep us from achieving the SDGs. At this side event, young people from across the world shared their perspectives on food-security issues and engaged in dialogue with opinion leaders (government leaders, companies, NGOs, and members of the scientific community) to create impact for Zero Hunger.

Leading up to the event, a challenge was publicized to young people across the globe in the context of World Food Day 2019: What is your creative way to minimize food waste without sacrificing the consumption of fresh foods? A series of videos were shared by youth to answer this question. The event showcased internet development and shared the power of connectivity to take on challenges together.

Summary of Key Points

Young people and other expert panellists shared their ideas on how to minimize food waste without sacrificing consumption of fresh foods and reacted to the solutions proposed by participants in the challenge. Then, in an interactive discussion, panelists and audience members considered how these ideas could be implemented at scale.

The panelist speeches were interspersed with video presentations of solution pitches by young people. The side event is part of a bigger online video program from the Netherlands, whereby young people from all over the globe can interact through social media.

Key Take Away Messages

- In developing countries you're often doing farming blindfolded, without knowing producer prices or the end result. Simple things like poor infrastructure can be costly. Youth can’t do it alone – government, academia, development practitioners all need to develop zero waste solutions together through multistakeholder partnerships.
- Young people should be at the centre of discussions about reducing food waste, especially youth in agriculture. Youth have a leading role in tackling food waste, they can be a powerful political lobby or carry out direct action.
- Technology can open new avenues up to young entrepreneurs, allowing them to take advantage of food losses.
- While individually we can reduce our food waste, we also need national food waste policy transformation to support these local initiatives.

You can download photos from the event on the FAO Flickr account here.


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