CFS 45 Side Events

Enriching a Sustainable Food Future

Fortification is an important part in bridging many countries’ gaps in food security and nutrition policy and contributing to broader success in achieving the SDGs, with a focus on SDG2. It is commonly understood that the SDGs will not be met if “hidden hunger,” or a lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals, is not addressed. When people do get the vital micronutrients they need, the effects are broad and long-lasting: children are healthier, achieve more in school, and are more likely to reach their full potential as adults.

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The Future of Farming

Are innovation and agroecology capable of working hand-in-hand? Is the future dependent on integrated solutions to agriculture? As CFS gears up for the HLPE report on Agroecology and Other Innovations, let’s think about the ways they work together, right from a soil microbe to a satellite. Join us for some of the best examples of innovations to advance agroecological outcomes in areas the UN is calling for including: recycling, resource use efficiency, optimizing external inputs, diversification, integration, and soil health.

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Agripreneurship Policy and the Future of Agriculture

An agrifood revolution is here and the industry is fast changing. Can we create results-oriented regulations that will increase multi-stakeholder trust within the food supply chain while continuing to advance technology and innovation? The lack of confidence that appears to be present across the breadth of the agrifood chain is exacerbated by a lack of proper information on the use of technology in breeding, food production, and distribution systems. Faced with the challenge to feed 9 billion people by 2050, this side event aims to promote collaboration and give birth to ideas, initiatives, and proposals that contribute to a common agrifood innovation ecosystem.

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Challenges and Opportunities for Youth in Agriculture: Perspectives from Future Leaders

Around the world, emerging economies are paving the way for future prosperity on the basis of agriculture. On the African continent, for instance, farming provides up to 70 percent of all jobs. Many of these same economies also have an ever-expanding youth population, where the next generation is already changing the face of agriculture at home and abroad by turning challenges into opportunities and doing their part to improve food security. Enabling these young people to succeed as agricultural entrepreneurs and business leaders is vital for economic development.

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Scaling Up Evidence-Based Sustainable Agricultural Practices: Lessons from 3 European Countries

Promoting the use of traditional and sustainable techniques to increase biodiversity in agriculture, agroecology is crucial in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. This side-event will showcase academic research, insights in consumer expectations and experiences from 3 European farmers from the Czech Republic, France and Poland in scaling up sustainable agricultural practices. These experts work closely with Danone “Socrates program”. Launched in 2014, “Socrates” promotes sustainable agriculture throughout the agri- food supply chain by linking research, food production, food safety and nutritional outcomes with an emphasis on collaborative multi-stakeholder approach.

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