Our food system needs to nourish people while providing resilient, decent livelihoods, and respecting human rights.  With pressure on food affordability, now more than ever we need innovation, greater empowerment of women and youth, and resilience for all aspects of the food system from crops to livestock, vegetables to fish, local to global trade. At a time when hunger is rising, there could be no more urgent moment for the Food Systems Summit. 

One of the great legacies of the Summit is the work on national food system dialogues and we hope these will continue to help countries shape food systems that are inclusive and innovative.  The multi-stakeholder approach represents a core value of CFS that we hope will be embedded in the food system globally.  Working jointly is essential to the efforts on School Meals; the Zero Hunger Pledge (over 40 companies have already committed); as well as work on improving soil health, the democratization of digital technologies, and living incomes and wages - to name just a few of the arising coalitions. 

The PSM appreciates the work of the UN Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, and the Special Envoy to raise the level of attention on the food system and to think in more holistic ways about how we produce food, reduce its waste, and successfully nourish the population with diverse diets.  The Summit marks a milestone towards the SDGs and there is a need for the work to carry on under the leadership of the Rome Based Agencies, led by FAO DG Qu, and to engage the UN system, including CFS, in a more coordinated way. Together we can achieve Good Food for All.

Download the statement here:

pdf PSM Statement - UN Food Systems Summit (99 KB)

Tomorrow, Oct 28, PSM Chair Rick White will be speaking as part of the WTO’s Trade Dialogues on Food. The dialogues… https://t.co/3BsEbBoKli
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