CFS 2016


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During the evening, 190 Ambassadors, country representatives, NGOs, scientists, UN Agencies, and private sector representatives discussed means to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals through Innovation. Each table was guided by a facilitator and rapporteur. Discussion was lively, and delegates came up with many concrete recommendations for fostering innovation in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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This African Orphan Crops Consortium (AOCC) is sequencing the genomes of 101 African food crops and training 250 African scientists and technicians to breed better crops from these genetic “maps.” The AOCC has been approved by African Heads of State at the African Union Assembly and is led by the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). 

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The side-event will showcase concrete examples of projects in the dairy sector that have addressed multiple challenges through social, organizational and technological innovations at the nexus between the SDGs, climate change and ICN2 objectives.

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At this side-event at the UN Committee on World Food Security, representatives of the AOCC will explain the consortium’s work and share the strides the consortium has made since it was conceived and approved by African Heads of State at the African Union Assembly. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki and Howard-Yana Shapiro will address the significance of the AOCC for Africa and the replication of this model in other areas. Tony Simons, Rita Mumm and Firew Mekbib will share the successes of the African Plant Breeding Academy where the scientists and technicians are being trained to breed new varieties of the orphan crops.

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The Side Event is designed to present the book “Good Nutrition: Perspectives for the 21st Century” and aims to create a platform for a keynote lecture, followed by a panel discussion, dedicated to the important topics assessed in the book and open to the assembled audience. The objective of the event is to encourage a dialogue between CFS stakeholders - specifically governments, UN agencies, civil society and private sector – dedicated to work related to food security and nutrition at global, national and regional levels. The event will provide important input, not only to those already dedicated to working in the nutrition space, but also to stakeholder new to this area, who are seeking to learn more about the challenges and solutions for nutrition, and what CFS’s role and their own might be working within multi-stakeholder partnerships

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The session will consist of a series of 10 rapid fire presentations featuring case-studies from PSM Members and how they are investing to achieving SDG2. Where applicable speakers are encouraged to talk about how CFS policy products, such as the RAI principles and the VGGT, are helping to advance their actions. The session will be moderated by Nichola Dyer, Program Manager of the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, World Bank. She will making brief opening remarks, do the introductions and make concluding remarks.


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This side-event aimed to encourage informed debate about dairy and its role in the livestock sector and in global healthy diets. Participants had the opportunity of learning about a number of sustainability initiatives in the dairy industry, such as nutritional benefits of dairy products, reducing carbon emissions for cows, managing healthy cattle and good animal care, and improving dairy farmers’ livelihoods.

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Member countries and stakeholders learned from Singapore’s success and research and met policy makers and private sector representatives to develop direct relationships. During the discussion, highimpact policies and lessons that are identified by participants from other countries in the side-event were noted.

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