CFS 2013 Private Sector Engagement


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Much of the IAFN’s work in 2013 was dedicated to coordinating the ‘Private Sector Mechanism’ (PSM) which provides private sector input at the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). 2013 saw the election of a new IAFN Chairperson, Hakan Bahceci, CEO of Dubai-headquartered Hakan Agro Group. There was ongoing work with policy makers throughout the year, as well as the formation of PSM committees to respond to CFS work streams such as Responsible Agricultural Investment, Biofuels and Nutrition. Many of those committees met almost monthly. Position papers were created regarding talent development, small scale farming, and nutrition. Among the many accomplishments of the year, the private sector mechanism was able to successfully propose that CFS should focus on talent development in the agriculture sector in its 2015-2017 programme of work. An International Year of Pulses was declared for 2016 with the support of farmers and pulse companies all over the world.

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The 2013 High Level Dinner on the Principles on Responsible Agricultural Investment saw a gathering of over 100 guests, including Ambassadors and permanent representatives, CEO’s, association representatives, donor organizations, and leaders from the Rome-based agencies. The objective was to discuss key policy recommendations needed to build better private sector engagement in the food value chain in developing countries. Business leaders were to present short case studies on their own experiences with RAI, which would then be compared and contrasted with those of diplomats and agency staff. Finally, all participants were asked to work together to identify commonalities within their experiences and efforts.

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