CFS 45 Side Event

Challenges and Opportunities for Youth in Agriculture: Perspectives from Future Leaders

Friday, October 19, 8:30 to 10:00
Philippines Room, FAO

Key Speakers

  • Moungui Médi, Second Counsellor, Cameroon
  • Brian Lowry, Deputy General Counsel at Bayer U.S. Crop Division
  • Yuckmila Choonea, Country Coordinator for Mauritius, Climate Smart Agriculture Youth Network (CSAYN)
  • Neema Grace Mutemi, Exeuctive Director, 4H Kenya
  • Apoorva Shankar, Co-founder, AgriKUA, India
  • Ritchie Save Raphael, Co-founder, AgriKUA, Tanzania
  • Colm O’Leary, Irish dairy Farmer
  • Cassie Hayward, Co-founder, AgriKUA, Canada


Around the world, emerging economies are paving the way for future prosperity on the basis of agriculture. On the African continent, for instance, farming provides up to 70 percent of all jobs. Many of these same economies also have an ever-expanding youth population, where the next generation is already changing the face of agriculture at home and abroad by turning challenges into opportunities and doing their part to improve food security. Enabling these young people to succeed as agricultural entrepreneurs and business leaders is vital for economic development. This side event brought together young agricultural leaders from emerging economies, including Kenya, India, Tanzania, and Mauritius, to talk about their efforts, share experiences, and engage in a dynamic discussion of how we can support the next generation to reap the benefits of sustainable agriculture and drive food security.

The panel of this side event was made up entirely of young leaders in agriculture, representing diverse sectors, including pig farming, dairy, a network of climate change activists, and networks of support for youth in ag, including the Youth Ag Summit and 4H.

Key Outcomes

  • Dialogue is needed between the private sector and policymakers who are shaping international and national agricultural policies and approaches that take into account the needs and challenges of the next generation of agricultural professionals.
  • We must continue to celebrate the ideas and input of young agricultural leaders and advocate for their inclusion in policymaking, at CFS and beyond.
  • We need more systematic ways to capture the insights and energy of young agricultural professionals today so that they may be able to encourage more of their peers to join the profession tomorrow.
  • When given the opportunity to speak publicly in an international forum, young people excel at exposing all CFS attendees to their unique perspectives and experiences.


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