CFS 45 Side Event

Challenges and Opportunities for Youth in Agriculture: Perspectives from Future Leaders

Friday, October 19, 8:30 to 10:00
Philippines Room, FAO


Around the world, emerging economies are paving the way for future prosperity on the basis of agriculture. On the African continent, for instance, farming provides up to 70 percent of all jobs. Many of these same economies also have an ever-expanding youth population, where the next generation is already changing the face of agriculture at home and abroad by turning challenges into opportunities and doing their part to improve food security. Enabling these young people to succeed as agricultural entrepreneurs and business leaders is vital for economic development. This-side event will bring together young agricultural leaders from emerging economies to talk about their efforts, share experiences, and engage in a dynamic debate about how we can support the next generation to reap the benefits of sustainable agriculture and drive food security. The discussion will focus on the following sub-themes: gender diversity; market access and finance; environmental responsibility and sustainability; talent development and upskilling.


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