CFS 45 Side Event

Enriching a Sustainable Food Future

Monday, October 15, 18:00 to 19:30
Lebanon Room, FAO


Fortification is an important part in bridging many countries’ gaps in food security and nutrition policy and contributing to broader success in achieving the SDGs, with a focus on SDG2. It is commonly understood that the SDGs will not be met if “hidden hunger,” or a lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals, is not addressed. When people do get the vital micronutrients they need, the effects are broad and long-lasting: children are healthier, achieve more in school, and are more likely to reach their full potential as adults. In addition to children, micronutrients are particularly essential in the diets of women of reproductive age. This event will be built on policy and collective action solutions from several countries. Discussions will be centered on ways to bring fortification to people that need it the most with a focus on policies, innovations, generating consumer awareness, and price/affordability.


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