CFS 45 Side Event

Agripreneurship Policy and the Future of Agriculture

Thursday, October 18, 18:00 to 19:30
Mexico Room, FAO


An agrifood revolution is here and the industry is fast changing. Can we create results-oriented regulations that will increase multi-stakeholder trust within the food supply chain while continuing to advance technology and innovation? The lack of confidence that appears to be present across the breadth of the agrifood chain is exacerbated by a lack of proper information on the use of technology in breeding, food production, and distribution systems. Faced with the challenge to feed 9 billion people by 2050, this side event aims to promote collaboration and give birth to ideas, initiatives, and proposals that contribute to a common agrifood innovation ecosystem. It will bring together diverse speakers to give inspiring talks and debate on topics including better transfer knowledge and best practices across communities, countries and continents, as well as how to better educate the public on challenges and new solutions in the global food system. The side event will also explore and asses the impact of existing models and practices of agrifood innovation and knowledge transfer as items on national agendas.


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