CFS 44 Side Events

Agroforestry practices hold the key to food security and resilience

This side-event presented an overview of agroforestry projects systems that provide sustainable models for the forestry sectors to sustainably increase crop production; improve nutrition; and mitigate climate change, while also being resilient to its impacts. Civil society, private sector, international organizations, and international agronomic research groups shared examples from their decades of research and implementation around the world. Inga Foundation, Sustainable Harvest International, FAST International, and FuturaGene participated.

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Growing Together: Transforming agricultural value chains in Bangladesh

VSO, an international development organization, and Syngenta, a global agribusiness, are working together to create resilient and thriving smallholder farming communities in Bangladesh. The resulting project, Growing Together, has piloted and successfully demonstrated an agronomic and market systems approach which has tripled net farmer income for 7,000 farmers through a network of Farmer Centers. Now in its third year, Growing Together intends to scale the Farmer Centre model through an innovative social franchise. This has the potential to reach 100,000 farmers over the coming two to three years and to scale further through its franchised network of farmer centres and agri-entrepreneurs. This approach has introduced innovations in value chain development, encouraging a nested view of value chains in which companies realise a vested interest in supporting the health of farming communities.

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Delivering on the SDGs by focusing on gender equality and women's empowerment and leadership for better food security and nutrition for all

The side-event focused on women’s empowerment as key to achieving not only Goal 5 but also Goal 2 on Zero Hunger and the broader Agenda 2030. The side-event was an opportunity to follow up on the High-Level Forum on Women’s Empowerment taking place from September 25, 2017. It promoted understanding of how achieving gender equality and women's empowerment contributes to attainment of all Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDGs 2, 5 and 17. The side event also celebrated synergies among these goals in policy and programme frameworks, acknowledging that thoughtful partnerships will be of utmost importance to ensure the rapid achievement of the Agenda 2030.

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What today’s young agricultural leaders need to meet tomorrow’s SDG challenges

Food producers the world over face increasingly complex challenges that require uncommon partnerships in their efforts to sustain a growing world population and ensure agriculture is an active player in the achievement of the SDGs. This panel explored the commonalities of these challenges across the global agriculture sector through a fast-paced, facilitated discussion focused on the needs - and actions - of young agricultural leaders from all continents. Combining the voices of the panelists with those in the room, this side event provided space for the agriculture industry to celebrate the accomplishments of young agricultural leaders and consider the unique solutions they can offer in pursuit of the SDGs. 

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