Why Food Must Move to Feed a Hungry World

Cargill held a side-event discussing how the public and private sectors can work together to address honoring comparative trust-based trade to support food security and nutrition. With 71 people in attendance, discussions were held on how collaboration between stakeholders is key to finding solutions to hunger; ensuring safe, nutritious and affordable food for all. Panelists joined together to explain how farmers can be best supported to satisfy their household food and nutrition security needs, as well as yield food in the most economically and environmentally sound way. As stated by Siobhan Kelly, “Food must move, but it doesn’t need to move far.”

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Multi-Sector Partnerships Drive Food Safety Solutions

This side-event drew a crowd of 68, to talk about food safety, the impacts of food contamination, as well as discussing different solutions for the problem. Unsafe foods are global challenges that attack the human faces of nutrition and development in the daily lives of billions of people. Aflatoxin is a silent killer, with 80-100% of children exposed to a chronic dose of aflatoxin in Africa. Unsafe foods impact nutrition, health and economic status. The panelists came together to discuss how food safety is fundamental to food security.

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Enhancing Food Security Through Agriculture Insurance, A Concrete Tool for the Future of African Farmers

There have been many promising innovations in the past year to help increase food security through agriculture insurance tools, however, these innovations have not been significant enough to truly help farmers. The aim of this side event was to show that there is still room for progress. With over 40 people in attendance, the panelists highlighted the obstacles that stand in the way of smallholder farmers to acquire sustainable agriculture insurance, in particular in Africa. 

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Empowering Youth to Pursue Careers in Agriculture:A Public Private Approach

Youth are the future of farming, and therefore are some of the most important groups to ensure a sustainable and successful future in agriculture. During the 20th century, the quantity of farmers has declined in every part of the world––from 35 to only 4% in developed nations between 1950 and 2010, and from 81 to 48% in developing countries. The average age of farmers is now in the range of late-50s to early 60s in parts of Africa, the United States, Europe and Australia.

This side event attracted an audience of 40, and focused on different ways that public/private and civil society groups can collaborate to increase societal understanding and awareness of the challenges facing modern agriculture and their respective roles in sustainably feeding a hungry planet. The side event aimed to stress the need to empower youth to build networks and advocate on behalf of agriculture as a career.

pdf CFS42 Side Event - Empowering Youth to Pursue a Career in Ag (293 KB)

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