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We are seeking participants and speakers for the Business Symposium and 3rd UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, Dec 2-6 2017.

Nominate a speaker here

Register to attend the meetings: 

If you are an organisation accredited to UNEP, click here

If you are NOT accredited to UNEP, click here

  1. Nominate speakers for the Business Symposium on 3 December: The Business Symposium will take place Dec 3, 3-6pm prior to the opening of the 3rd UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the first time a dedicated Business Symposium will be held onsite. Help make this a success by nominating speakers to present successful initiatives and innovations that are helping tackle pollution. Presenters should speak to a case study that addresses pollution in one of these six dimensions: Air, Water, Land & Soil, Marine, Chemicals, Waste. We also seek nominees for the opening and closing sessions. If you wish to attend, please register 
  2. Nominate speakers for the Science, Policy, and Business Forum on 2 & 3 Dec. The event will be focused on pollution and discuss how science and innovation can help tackle the issue across three clusters: 1) Energy-Air-Climate; 2) Water-Food-Ecosystems-Biodiversity; 3) Sustainable Oceans. It will also discuss green financing and sustainable consumption and production. 
  3. Attend UNEA 3 and nominate High level (CEO, DG or other senior leadership) to participate in the thematic High Level Leadership Dialogues on December 5th: The Dialogues will all take place on the same day and bring together Ministers, UN leadership and representatives of private sector and civil society. The themes are: 1) Science, evidence and citizens’ awareness for change; 2) Regulatory frameworks, institutions and the rule of law to address pollution; 3) Practical solutions towards a pollution-free planet and; 4) Financing and innovation to combat pollution
  4. Join the Innovation Expo: a dedicated space to showcase novel ideas and technologies and to network with other innovators. Applications are still open online until 30 October. 
  5. Pledge your support to fight against pollution: Make a new pledge of action to end pollution through UNEA’s website to demonstrate your organisations’ commitment. Groups that have pledged will be highlighted throughout UNEA3, with logos on display and possibly short video interviews.
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