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On July 13, the International Agri-Food Network partnered with a number of leading organizations to host “Agriculture and Food Day” to celebrate, discuss, negotiate, analyze, and brainstorm around the role of Agriculture and Food in relation to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The day included a thematically-focused plenary session with high-level speakers including high-ranking UN diplomats, a series of roundtable discussions on inter-linkages in SDGs, and dynamic luncheon featuring youth in agriculture with the goal to raise awareness of the critical need for investment in Goal 2.

There is a critical need to attract and train a new generation of farmers, farm leaders, agribusiness workers and managers. To transform agriculture into a more productive, sustainable, competitive, and efficient sector, we must attract and develop new talent in agriculture through youth engagement. Key insights were shared and discussed throughout the luncheon held during Agriculture and Food Day, such as: access to asset and investments; modernisation of the rural world; incorporating agriculture into school curriculum; access to markets; and empowering young women farmers. Youth are engaged in agriculture when it is made accessible at an early age and when they have mentors. Agriculture should be incorporated into secondary – and at some level – primary school education. 

Read the full report here

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