CFS 44 Side Event

What today’s young agricultural leaders need to meet tomorrow’s SDG challenges

Monday, October 09, 18:00 to 19:30
Philippines Room (C277)


Food producers the world over face increasingly complex challenges that require uncommon partnerships in their efforts to sustain a growing world population and ensure agriculture is an active player in the achievement of the SDGs. This panel will explore the commonalities of these challenges across the global agriculture sector through a fast-paced, facilitated discussion focused on surfacing the needs - and actions - of young agricultural leaders from all continents. Combining the voices of the panelists with those in the room, this side event provides space for the agriculture industry to highlight what is required to provide the greatest contribution towards the SDGs as agricultural SMEs and multi-stakeholder actors.

The main six topics addressed will include:

  • Agricultural finance in uncertain economic conditions
  • Market barriers for SMEs and start ups
  • Technology – how great a role will it play in agricultural development in the developed and developing world
  • Human Resources – the challenge of recruiting, training and retaining the best young minds in agriculture
  • Emerging environmental issues facing the next generation of food producers
  • Consumer perceptions of agriculture and what that means to feed the world

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